Friday, July 17, 2015

Quickiebrot I

The story of the discovery of the Mandelbrot set is pretty amazing. It starts with "gee, what's the square root of negative one" and continues with "gee, what happens if I do this?" There is so much out there on the subject - go look!

I like the "Colors of Infinity" interview with Arthur C. Clarke (all over YouTube).

I also like this cool post by Ken Shirriff: 12-minute Mandelbrot: fractals on a 50 year old IBM 1401 mainframe.

This is 2014 but looks like vintage output!

See these YouTube links for really good explanations and how-to's for Julia sets and the Mandelbrot set.

Here is a quickie mandelbrot set imager that you can click-to-move, and zoom. It's just bare bones, but it gets you started. Note: It saves images, you might want to disable that!

Also, the standard slider in matplotlib.widgets is horizontal. I found a modified script to make it vertical and used it instead. That's why the script appears to be so long.

The full python script is given on this page. It's not fancy or optimal, but it gets you started.

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